John Righeimer
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May 2012

8 Rounds of Running Christine (Endurance)

by John Righeimer

Round 1: warm-up 25:00, make sure to include 100 leg levers, 50 flutter kicks, and 3:00 plank.

Round 2: 8 Rounds of Running Christine for time

400 meter run

12 dead lifts (135 lb.)

21 box jumps (25 inches)

My time – 39:55

Note: CrossFit’s “Chrisine” is 3 RFT of 500 meter row, 12 dead lifts at body weight, and 21 box jumps (24 inches).  My injured shoulder can’t handle 185 lb. dead lifts (my body wt.), so I dropped the weight to 135 lb. and upped the rounds from 3 to 8, making this an endurance WOD.

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