John Righeimer
Black Belt Workouts


Aug 2012


by John Righeimer

Round 1: Warm-up with light ROM/stretch, push ups, squats, and ab/core.

Round 2: Death by Pull Ups

1st min. = 1 pull up, 2nd min. = 2 pull up, etc. Keep doing/counting pull ups for each minute until you complete the assigned about of pull ups.

My score – 16 complete minutes, plus 10 pull ups in the 17th min. = 150 total pull ups

Round 3: Unstoppable – 3 rounds for time

1 mile run

25 burpees

25 meter over-head walking lunge (45 lb.)

70 sledge hammer strikes (20 lb. hammer, 35/side)

My time – 58:14



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