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Jan 2010

We’re almost ready to launch the site

by John Righeimer

We’re almost ready to launch the site and very excited about the journey ahead of me and I hope for us. By us I mean, it is my intent and hope to help friends old and new in their pursuit of “insane” workouts. Insane workouts is code for a workout out that delivers results and not for the unmotivated or casual fitness person. At times I can be a snob towards workouts that seem to “go through the motions”, but I realize that in the end, “insane” means something different to everyone, for some have limitations and are pushing it is hard as they can. I look forward to learning from others on what workouts work for them and I will share with you all what works for me.

Get ready and buckle your seat belts, for Black Belt Workouts is getting ready to launch!

Pushing Yourself to the Limit (Workout 'til You Blackout)

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